Why Should You Become A Member Of The Texas Wealth Network?

When you join at our live meeting, you’ll get a FREE Wall Poster of the All In One Real Estate Investor Blueprint that addresses the 272 different things that we’ve learned since we started investing in 2003. You’ll also get a ticket for 2 people to our 3 day live training class, as well as all of the other huge benefits of membership listed below.

Membership also includes access to our Discussion Board. This is a private site that we only allow our dues paying members to access. In addition to the Discussion board, you’ll get free entrance into our monthly meetings!

We keep our membership fees extremely low to encourage participation from a large group of investors. Our goal is not to make a lot of money off the members, but to make a lot of money with the members through networking and doing deals with other investors. That’s how we are able to keep our fees so low.

Benefits of Membership For Each Real Estate Investment Association Club Include:

Cost For A 6 Month Membership:

Note: if your company has more than 3 members, please call our office to discuss Corporate Membership options.

If you'd like to become a member of our local real estate investment clubs in Texas, please click the appropriate link below: